A Glimpse Of Hope

We as Muslims, may at times feel at a low with our imaan and even at times feel without hope so the Young Muslimahz will be hosting a Sisters Only event to  help Give us all an Imaan boost and will inshaAllah bring us closer to Allah (s.w.t) and at the same time creating a sense of sisterhood in our community

SO DRESS TO IMPRESS! Nothing formal but look your best.
Join us for lectures, performances from our talented YOUNG MUSLIMAHZ, and of course……..Food!



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Paintball Re-cap

InshaAllah our goal is to provide you with updates on the ongoings of YM from here on out, our blog has been rather inactive but stayed tuned to new articles, writing and experiences shared every week.

Paintball was tough, some people enjoyed it, some left with bruises and tears and others laughing, at the endof the day it was a fun experience filled with many funny moments. The sessions in between each paintball game were filled with smack talk as we prepared to duke it out on the paintball field.

How was everyones experience, would you want to paintball again?

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Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatu

Well its been awhile since our last time together SO let us start up with our very first YM trip of the year!

OCTOBER 8th  bring your skills and leave your favourite abayah/hijab at home BECAUSE we are going             PAINT BALLING!!

Give in your forms & money before its to late

Get ready to have some painful FUN!!

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What Does it Mean To JUDGE?

To Judge means you think your above, Above everyone else,Cause all you think about is yourself.

To playahate ’cause you can’t get a halal date. To Negatively evaluate someone else,only thinking about  your common wealth.


Don’t  Judge Dont Judge Show your sister some love at the end of the day we all fear the one above.

Buy why,why? Please tell us maybe its just because your Jealous ,You live a “bad” Life with constant strife.

So you project your insecurities on other people & Let all the gossip just ripple.

on the day of judgement your pride will pop just like a pimple.

Inorder to stop just..stop let the evil thoughts just drop.

Open up The Quran & read away and you’ll realize how judging is wrong in everyway

It will open your eyes up just trust, Because Allah shows his servents how we are all nothing but a spec of dust!


So Don’t  judge don’t judge show your sister some love at the end of the day we all fear the one above!

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This on week on YM…

“Man demz?”

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Appreciation & Giving thanks

Think of a person, any individual who has contributed positively to your life.
Whether the act was big or small, constant or not those around us have a great impact on us..

How often do we thank them?
How often do we tell them we appreciate what we they do for us?
we enjoy their presence?
we love having them around?
and how often do we make dua for them?

This week that is exactly what we worked on. Young Muslimahz choose an individual in their life that they would like to thank with a small gift and letter AND more importantly dua.


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Takin it to the PARK!


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Boonaa Mohammed- Priorities

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Forgive Me when I whine

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